• October 12, 2021

Why did Reddit pharmacy technician post a fake ‘drug delivery service’

Pharmacy technician Reddit posted a fake drug delivery service that would cost $2,000 to deliver a bottle of heroin.

A post to Reddit on Wednesday claimed to deliver heroin for free to a friend in the Philippines.

The post claimed that the delivery would take place on Wednesday night.

Pharmacy tech Adam M. told the BBC that the post was made by a user called ‘sadcafe’.

Adam said he was able to verify the authenticity of the post on Reddit, where he said he has been receiving a lot of requests from people looking for drug delivery services.

He said the post did not specify when it would happen.

‘Sadcafe’ claimed to be a drug delivery company in the Phillipines.

Adam said that it was a very clever idea, and one he had not seen before.

‘It was a really good idea.

It was something that could make the whole system a lot more transparent.

It would have a much higher level of transparency and the person could make an assumption that the drug they wanted to deliver was delivered, but there would be no guarantees that it would actually be delivered.

‘There is no guarantee that it will be delivered, because if the delivery company fails to deliver it, it can be easily tracked down and shut down.

‘This could have been a great solution to reduce drug dealing and drugs on the street.’

The post was accompanied by a picture of a small bottle of water that was labelled ‘Hooverite’.

Adam and his team of seven people did not receive the drug in time to deliver the heroin.

Reddit said the Reddit user was not verified.

‘If you see a fake, please report it to Reddit admins,’ Reddit said.

‘The post is in violation of our Terms of Service and we will take the appropriate action.’

The Reddit post was quickly removed.

Reddit users took to Twitter to voice their anger.

‘Why would Reddit post a post about delivery services that is not real???

We need a real delivery service for delivery of heroin that’s real!’ one user wrote.

‘I thought Reddit was supposed to be the best place for real people to discuss and discuss ideas.

I’m sure this post was posted by someone who was looking for a service for a friend to deliver his heroin.’

Reddit said that the ‘sadhcafe’ post was ‘taken down’ because it did not comply with the site’s rules.

‘We do not allow content that is offensive, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate in any way,’ Reddit wrote in a statement.

‘For a list of all subreddits that have banned content, see our policy.’

Adam said the ‘hoover’ post had not been removed from Reddit yet, but would not comment further.

‘They [Reddit] are the worst people ever.

They are just so incompetent and dishonest,’ he said.

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