• July 15, 2021

Which pharmacy in Texas has the best pharmacy?

By KEVIN TAYLOR, Associated PressThe pharmacy business is booming in Texas, but it’s not growing fast enough for the state’s largest pharmacy chain.

The Harris County Pharmacy Alliance is a nonprofit that promotes pharmacy access and accessibility for underserved communities.

The alliance has been trying to raise $30 million for a new, state-of-the-art pharmacy in the Houston area since 2012, but so far has received only $1.3 million in donations, and the new pharmacy has yet to open.

The Alliance also has a long list of proposed expansion plans.

A spokesperson for the Alliance said the company is working on more than 100 expansion proposals in the Harris County area.

“The Harris Co. has been working to create an affordable and accessible pharmacy to help all of the patients we serve,” said Sharon Hern, Harris Co.’s CEO and president.

“We have an innovative plan to open a new Harris Co., with the hope of providing our customers with a pharmacy that meets the needs of all.”

The Harris Company is the largest drugstore chain in the United States and is known for its large, state of the art pharmacy facilities.

The chain has about 9,400 pharmacies and more than 200,000 prescriptions.

The Alliance is trying to keep Harris Co.-owned pharmacy stores open.

It wants the Harris Co to make a commitment to spend $2 million annually on expansion projects in Harris County.

Harris Co. is the only major pharmacy chain in Texas that operates with a state of open pharmacies.

The Houston area is among the most underserved in the country, and many Texans don’t have access to a private doctor or have difficulty getting access to one.

Harris County has the fourth-highest rate of uninsured adults in the state, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

That means many of its residents cannot afford to go to a doctor or other treatment facility.

The district is one of a handful of places in the US where open pharmacies are prohibited, and some pharmacies in the district have shut down or are shuttered altogether.

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