• September 16, 2021

Which NFL teams have the best coverage of anecdotal pharmacies?

In an industry that has been plagued by misinformation about the efficacy of certain medications, the NFL’s coverage of pharmacies has been a revelation.

But this is hardly surprising, considering the league’s long history of misinformation about how the body works and the way medicine is administered.

In the last decade, NFL teams and their doctors have been accused of overprescribing medications and not adequately prescribing them, often using the same brand names, in the name of preventing chronic diseases.

NFL players and coaches have been found to be misusing prescription drugs, too.

In the case of the NFL, the league itself has been accused by a former NFL player of being a front for drug companies, even as the league maintains it is a leader in health care reform.

In recent years, the players union has pushed for an investigation of the league and its doctors, saying the league has been complicit in prescription fraud.

In recent weeks, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has also faced criticism for his role in a botched effort to bring back the draft and, as a result, the use of players in the draft.

Last week, the New York Times published a scathing article by columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, who said the NFL had become a “death cult.”

Sorkine wrote that players have been pressured to perform “unnecessary and illegal surgeries” and that a “bogus drug test” is being used to keep players out of the game.

In an email to Sports Illustrated, a spokesperson for the NFL said the league is not aware of any claims by the Times about its coverage of prescription drug use.

“The NFL’s position is that it’s part of the same marketplace where all other industries operate,” the spokesperson said.

“We have never been in the business of denying prescriptions, or discouraging doctors from prescribing medicine.”

The Times article also questioned whether NFL players are “treated better than most other Americans.”

In response, the spokesperson wrote that the NFL is “a very good business” that employs thousands of doctors and has been “the largest employer in the country for over 30 years.”

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