• September 17, 2021

What you need to know about the new pharmacy hours rule

The Food and Drug Administration has announced new pharmacy regulations, which will limit the number of hours pharmacy workers can work.

The new rules are part of the Food and Health Protection Act, which President Donald Trump signed into law on January 26.

The new rules limit the hours pharmacy employees can work, but do not affect the number or type of hours pharmacists can work per day.

The FDA announced the changes on Tuesday.

The Food and Drugs Administration said pharmacists who are required to work a maximum of four hours per day will be required to report to the FDA on the number and type of pharmacists they work per week, per shift, per day and per day of the week, respectively.

The changes are expected to affect about 13,000 pharmacists.

The regulations are also designed to prevent pharmacies from using prescription drug sales as part of their pharmacy hours.

The change will require pharmacists to report the total number of prescriptions they dispense, and the number by brand, to the Food & Drug Administration each week, the FDA said in a release.

The rule change comes after the Food Standards Agency issued its first rule change on pharmacy hours in October.

In November, the agency said that pharmacists will now have to report “the total number and quantity of medications dispensed to pharmacy clients, and in each day of a given week, a single dose of any particular medication.”

The agency said it will allow pharmacists a “reasonable” amount of time to process and ship medications, but said it would not require pharmacians to perform additional tasks to meet that requirement.

Pharmaceuticals have been the target of anti-competitive actions from the Trump administration.

The Trump administration said that the rule change will be needed to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Pharmacists and other health care workers are already required to be paid by employers, but that requirement has not changed.

The proposed rule change would allow pharmacies to deduct prescription drug costs for employees, but only if the pharmacist is not required to have an additional duty to the employer.

The pharmacy hours regulations come after a wave of anti and anti-trust actions by the Trump White House.

The FDA said on Monday that it had finalized an investigation into the drug company AstraZeneca over a marketing campaign that targeted some patients with AstraXpress, a drug that is supposed to help with fatigue and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

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