• July 14, 2021

What you need to know about pharmacy services and pharmacies at Kroger, Costco, Walgreens and other pharmacies in Ottawa

The Ottawa Hospital Authority has issued a public health advisory warning about the possibility of coronavirus contamination at some pharmacies and grocery stores in Ottawa.

Ottawa Hospital Authority spokeswoman Emily McLean said the advisory is meant to inform patients of the potential for contamination, and that it’s not mandatory.

“The advice is not for people who are going to buy medications and then bring them home to buy them,” she said.

The advisory is not mandatory and is not part of any mandatory plan, McLean added.

“What you’re saying is, if you have to come home to get the medication, you should probably go to a pharmacy.”

The advisory comes after the Ottawa Health Authority issued an alert in March warning about possible contamination at the Ontario General Hospital.

It was issued after health officials found traces of the virus at the hospital.

A few days later, the Health Ministry also issued an advisory warning patients about the potential risk of contamination at Ontario General Hospitals.

It is not a mandatory recall, but the Health Canada advisory does require health officials to conduct an inventory and assess the risk to the public, according to a news release.

Health officials are warning that patients may be exposed to the virus by handling expired or unopened medications and not keeping the drugs at room temperature.

Health experts are warning about exposure to the coronaviruses HCV-19 and CNV-19.

They say they have not been able to detect the viruses in people who have not already been exposed.

Ottoman Health has said the coronabean virus is not transmitted through the air and that patients are not at risk.

“It’s not airborne, so you wouldn’t be able to transmit it if you were walking down the street,” Health Minister Eric Hoskins said in March.

“It’s airborne and it’s spreading.

It’s not going to be a problem.”

Hoskins said the department has been doing tests and is monitoring patients and staff.

The department has also set up an email address for patients to contact if they have questions.

Health authorities are warning against buying, using or carrying medication that has been tested or is available at a pharmacy.

Anyone who believes their medication has been contaminated must report it to a pharmacist.

McLean said this advisory is for people not at home or on a business trip who are concerned about their health.

“We want to ensure that people are getting the information as quickly as possible so they can make the best decision,” she added.

McLay said patients should keep their medications refrigerated and dispose of them in a place where they are not likely to be touched.

She added that people who need to be taken to the hospital for a treatment should notify the hospital and take their medication home.

A spokesperson for the Health Department said pharmacies are working to ensure safe supply of medication.

“There are no immediate reports of contamination and the health authorities are investigating.

It is our understanding that all of the pharmacies in the area have been contacted to confirm their supply of expired medications and to confirm that their medications are available for purchase,” spokeswoman Jennifer D’Aoust said in an email.

D’Aoult added that there are no additional health advisories at this time.

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