• July 23, 2021

The Best and Worst Moments from ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 10

The first season of Parks and Recreation returned with a bang last season, but now the second is in full swing.

The series stars Andy Samberg as the titular character, who is obsessed with his former love interest Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler).

With her new job at the Department of Parks & Rec, Leslie struggles to keep a low profile after she’s revealed to have been romantically involved with a new man, Mike Ehrmantraut (Matthew Perry).

The show is also getting an animated film, which was originally slated to come out in 2018, but it’s now set for release in 2019.

Leslie’s first day on the job has her dealing with the fallout from her romantic relationship with Mike, which is revealed to be a result of a massive security breach at the department.

It also turns out that she’s the one who broke the security protocol that allowed Mike to work in the Parks & Resorts Building.

“You got to watch it.

It’s so great,” Leslie said of the animated film.

“I think I’m going to go watch it now.”

Leslie also received a big bump in her pay in the second season, as she was promoted to the position of Chief of Staff, which now comes with the added bonus of being able to do more of her job.

Leslie has also learned a few new tricks, like using the restroom at the end of the day, which she’ll be able to use whenever she wants.

Leslie also gets to make her own cocktails, which we’ll be talking about later.

In this episode of The Best Moments from “Parks & Recreation,” we discuss the best and worst moments from the second half of the season.

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WATCH MORE: Parks & Recreation Season 10: “You Got to Watch It” The Best Scene Leslie’s Workday “I’ve had this moment in my life where I think I’ve been doing the right thing.

The whole time, I thought I was doing the wrong thing,” Leslie told a reporter last season.

“That moment, that moment where you’re on the subway, and you’re in the back of a car and you look at your phone, and it’s gone.

And you don’t know what to do.

You just kind of feel like you’re missing out on something.”

Leslie, along with Mike and the rest of the Office staff, now has a job to do: make sure the department doesn’t fall into chaos.

They have a plan, but they’ll need the help of the Parks Department to execute it.

The first episode of the new season sees Leslie trying to figure out what to write about the breach, and she finds a few ideas, including a piece that will have the Office of Parks Management in full panic mode.

But she realizes she’ll need to go to the Parks Library to get the information she needs, which leads her to get caught up in the department’s latest financial scandal.

“The Parks & Resort is a little bit like a little kid in the house,” Leslie explained, referring to her old office.

“It’s just a little different, and I’m just trying to get my head around it.”

Leslie later learns that she has a lot to learn about the department, which could mean the start of a new season of The Office.

Leslie was recently in a scene that featured her as the new Office manager, which has her and her boss, Tom Hanks, talking about the new division, which they think will be more profitable.

Leslie is also introduced to the other staff members in the new office, including Michael, who she also had a crush on.

“When I started out, I just sort of fell into that love triangle with him,” Leslie admitted to The Hollywood Reporter.

“He was just so cool and so nice.

But I think it’s kind of hard to really understand why he is in the office.

He’s just so, so good looking.

And I think that’s a little hard to understand why the department is so messed up.”

Leslie and Mike discuss the upcoming changes to the department and how they will be able put things right in the future.

Leslie eventually has the chance to get her hands on her boss’ computer, and her new bosses are skeptical.

“Do you want to see it?”

Leslie asks them.

“Is it just a computer?”

Mike responds.

“Can we get it?”

Mike and Leslie share a laugh as they explain that they’re going to need to make the department even better.

Leslie says that she’ll put together a PowerPoint presentation that she can present to all the new employees.

After getting her new office manager, Leslie is now tasked with fixing the broken systems at the Parks department.

“If there’s one thing I learned from my job, it’s that sometimes the best way to fix a broken system is to make it

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