• October 8, 2021

‘No one was hurt’: One-on-one with a pharmacist at a major U.S. store

A pharmacist from a major pharmacy chain was on hand to help an employee who was injured when a bullet went through the door of a store in Pennsylvania.The store in Fairfield Township, Pa., was evacuated Wednesday morning after the incident occurred.Police say the pharmacist was at work when the gunshot occurred, and a police…

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How to make a freebie from your favourite pharmacy

Publix is offering freebies for a limited time to customers using their debit or credit cards.Read moreThe pharmacy has announced the offer on its website.The discount offers include free medication for any medication on its shelves that has been opened for two years, free prescriptions, free gift certificates for prescription medication, and free gift cards…

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How to shop at the Meijer Pharmacy for the holidays

Meijers pharmacies are open on the weekends, and most of the time, you can get your medication in a little while before they run out.But on holidays, when they do run out, you need to shop online.That means getting your prescription filled in advance.The process can be quite tedious and time-consuming.Here are some tips on…

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The GOP’s ‘siege of the pharmacy’ is about to get even more costly

In the coming months, the GOP is going to have to decide whether it wants to continue its strategy of trying to defund Medicare Part D by forcing Republicans to pass a bill to do so.This is a potentially big problem for Republicans because they need to pass that bill if they want to survive…

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How a drugstore pharmacy chain is helping to save the pharmacy chain

Pharmacies in the UK and Australia have been offering help for decades to those struggling to find work.In the US, however, the situation is a different story. With unemployment and underemployment as high as 40% in some areas, the pharmacy sector has had to work harder than ever to keep people in the workforce. Today, there are…

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