• October 10, 2021

Why Americans aren’t buying generic drugs anymore

The United States has seen its share of generic drug failures.There are also more generic drug-makers than ever, and more generics are being introduced to market.But the majority of these products are coming from generics companies, not generic drug manufacturers.These companies are making the generic versions, and they’re doing so at a profit.Nowhere are this…

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How to make a freebie from your favourite pharmacy

Publix is offering freebies for a limited time to customers using their debit or credit cards.Read moreThe pharmacy has announced the offer on its website.The discount offers include free medication for any medication on its shelves that has been opened for two years, free prescriptions, free gift certificates for prescription medication, and free gift cards…

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Freeze prices and benefits as freezers hit the shelves in Italy

The government is freezing prices on many items in an attempt to combat inflation.The new price lists include items including meat, fruit, fish, cheese, and even wine.The move was announced on Friday by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which said that prices will be frozen for all goods in the first half of…

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How to find and book a free homeopathic pharmacy

I am not the only one who has noticed that the Homeopathic Pharmacy network is getting increasingly less popular.Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that homeopathic pharmacists were “the lowest-paid workers in a major industry.”Today, the Journal also reported that the number of homeopathic pharmacies has dropped by about 30% in the past decade.According…

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A free drug shop at the back of the mall, says the anti-drug movement

A pharmacy in downtown Melbourne’s CBD is taking a leaf out of the anti­-drug playbook.Key points:Freedom Pharmacy is opening a drug shop in front of the Mall of Melbourne, in the hope of raising money for its drug rehabilitation programThe owner of Freedom Pharmacy, Richard Jones, said the shop was an attempt to raise funds…

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