• October 8, 2021

‘I’m glad they’re gone’: Mom on daughter’s ‘traumatic’ birth

A Tennessee mother is “very grateful” that her daughter’s birth is over and her parents “were there” to help.

“My daughter was born with a condition that has no treatment and no cure,” said Jennifer Mazzola.

“I think that’s what makes it a very special child.

I’m thankful for their help.”

Mazzola and her husband were at the hospital Thursday morning to have her daughter, who was born on April 6.

She was given the nickname “Cannon” by her pediatrician, who called her “the baby.”

“I had to go out and tell them I needed to be a little bit taller,” she said.

“And the doctors were like, ‘You have to be taller.

But the doctors told her she needed to lose weight.””

After weeks of treatment, Mazzella said she was able to walk and was able see her family.

But the doctors told her she needed to lose weight.”

I was just like, oh my God, how can I be the best mom that I can be?

“Mazzia said.

The family moved from Tennessee to Arizona, where they were living.”

We just wanted to move, and they were like we don’t have to move,” Mazzara said.

Mazza said she doesn’t understand why people don’t move in their state.”

Mazza said her daughter has been through a lot, and she feels her mom is a big role model.””

But, you know, they can’t afford to take care of their families.”

Mazza said her daughter has been through a lot, and she feels her mom is a big role model.

“She’s not just like a mother.

She’s like a superhero,” she added.

“She’s a superhero in my eyes.”

She added that she feels like she can help others.

“If you can help, then that means you’ve got to help me,” she stated.

Mazzella added that her goal is to “give my daughter the best future that I know I can.”

Follow the story at Fox News.com.

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