• July 4, 2021

‘I can’t get it’: Parents face anger, backlash over anti-bullying program

Parents have expressed anger and disgust after their child was banned from using a pharmacy hours after it became available.

Key points:The ABC has obtained an email from a pharmacist on the anti-discrimination policy at the Bunbury and Warrnambool pharmacyThe policy prohibits anyone from using the pharmacy hours before it is open for business, except when necessary for a medical emergency.

The ABC contacted the Bunburys and Warrns for comment but received no response.

On Tuesday, the pharmacy was set to open for regular business hours for a two-week period.

However, the ABC has been told the pharmacy has now been closed for the last two weeks.

An email from the Bunburtons pharmacy manager read: “The policy regarding pharmacists being excluded from pharmacies hours before opening time has been implemented in accordance with the NSW Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines for pharmacy management.”

The manager then went on to outline the policy in more detail, saying: “If a pharmacist is not available on pharmacy hours, the pharmacist’s pharmacy hours are automatically removed from the pharmacy and the pharmacy closes at 10:00pm on the day of the pharmacy opening.”

The ABC understands the policy is in place for the Bunburns and Warrals.

The policy has not been made available to parents for their children to read.

The pharmacy manager told the ABC the policy had not been implemented.

He said the policy was to be enforced “in an individualised way”.

“The policy requires that pharmacists should be able to access their pharmacy hours on a rolling basis,” the manager wrote.

“If a pharmacy is not open for the prescribed hours, and a pharmacontainer is unable to access the pharmacy to assist with pharmacy hours the pharmacy manager will be notified and they will be able assist the pharmacenter to access hours.”

The pharmacy has also been set to be open for two weeks for customers who had already used it on Monday.

Parents who have concerns about their child’s use of the pharmacy have been asked to email [email protected]

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