• August 3, 2021

How to keep your pharmacy pharmacy hours under wraps

If you have your own pharmacy, it may be a good idea to keep it in the dark.

That’s because the National Pharmacy Dispensary Authority (NPDA) will not allow its members to tell you what hours your pharmacy is open.

You might think that if your pharmacy doesn’t have to tell its members, they don’t want to know.

But the NPDA’s chief executive, David Trew, told Fairfax Media that there’s a real risk that the secrecy of pharmacies will create a barrier to access.

He said the organisation’s members were more likely to be able to access the drug information when they are in contact with their GP, so that they can prescribe it, if necessary.

“You have to be in touch with your GP, because that’s when the GP can make a referral to the NPCA,” he said.

“So it’s a bit of a grey area, where we’re not allowing the NPACA to give out the information, but we can allow the NPAC to give the information.”

If you do want to get the full picture about your pharmacy’s hours, you can get in touch by calling the NPTA.

The NPDA will be happy to explain what’s going on, and what your options are.

What are your options for accessing your GP?

If you are a pharmacy, or if you work in one, you have a number of options for access to your GP.

If you have no other way of accessing your doctor, the best option is to go to a doctor.

But if you’re unable to access a doctor, you could call a pharmacy.

The NPDA advises that if you are on medication, call the NPACC.

If your GP isn’t aware that you are using a pharmacy for a medication, you might also be able in some cases to access your GP through your phone.

Call the NPSA if you’ve lost your phone or lost it at home, or call the GP to make sure it’s in working order.

There are also free call centres across the country that are set up to help people with issues related to pharmacy hours.

If it’s an emergency, you may be able contact the RNLI.

The RNLI’s Call Centre can help you contact your GP and get access to their pharmacy.

If the NPAA says your pharmacy hours are confidential, the NPFA has set up an online forum that members can ask questions about their pharmacist’s hours.

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