• September 9, 2021

How to identify pharmacy abbreviators

Pharmacy abbreviations have been a part of pharmacy lore for decades, and in many ways are a staple of the English language.

But they’re not quite so familiar as you might expect.

What are they, and how do you know if they’re a real abbreviation?

We’ve combed through thousands of pharmacy abbreviaries to learn more about pharmacy abbreviator names.


PSA: Prescription and dispensing pharmacy abbreviation The PSA, or Prescription Pharmaceutical Association of America, is a trade association of the pharmacy industry.

It was founded in 1903 and is one of the oldest and most powerful pharmacy associations in the world.

The group was formed in response to the drug shortages and rationing that plagued the United States during World War II.

The PPA also represents the pharmacy profession in other countries, including the European Union and Canada.

In 2018, the PSA introduced its own abbreviations: PSA-PAD-PPA-PEP-PST, the abbreviation for “prescription drug products and supplies” in its own alphabetical order.

PPA-PPPA-DPPA-PDPA-DPA-PLP, the abbreviations for “premium medicines” in PPA’s own alphabetous order.


PPS: Pharmaceutical Products and Services Association abbreviation PPS is an abbreviation of “premier pharmacy services,” which is a designation of pharmacies that are considered the leading providers of pharmacy services in the United Kingdom and Europe.

It is the same abbreviation used by the British and French pharmacists, and by pharmacies in the U.S. PFS-PPS-PMPS-PDPS, the prefix for “principal pharmacy services” in a group of related abbreviations.

PPR-PGP-PMS-PPM-PSP, abbreviations of “principles of pharmacy” in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

PRS-PRP-PGS-PGA, abbreviators of “prescriptions” in the PPA and the International Pharmacy Service Organization.


PTR: Pharmacy Product Regulatory Organization abbreviation For most Americans, the term “pharmaceutical product” means a prescription drug, but for people in the Philippines, it can also mean a medication, a brand-name drug, a cosmetic drug, or a generic drug.

The Philippines is one Southeast Asian country where the term for a drug includes the name of a manufacturer and a brand.

The government is also known as the Philippine Pharmacy Regulatory Organization.

In 2017, the Philippines added a new abbreviation, PHR-PRM-PPR, to differentiate its drug products from generic drugs.

This new abbrevation is the abbrevations of the PPS and the PTR.

PHR stands for Pharmacoprevalence Regulation of Medical Products.

PHM stands for Pharmacy Marketing and Regulatory Organization, and PHR is the official abbreviation.


PTE: Pharmaceutical Education and Training Organization abbrevation PTE stands for “Pharmaceutical Education and Technology,” and it’s the abbreviations of two countries that are currently the home of pharmaceutical education and training programs.

In Singapore, it’s abbreviated to PHE-PTE.

The Philippine Pharmacist Training Education Program (PHPT) is one such program.

It’s the only Philippine program in the entire world, according to the organization’s website.

The program’s name comes from the “pharita” of the Philippines.

PHPT’s website lists the program’s five major areas of study, including pharmacy, pharmacotherapy, pharmacy consulting, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacy management.


PCI: Pharmacist Education International abbreviation PCI stands for the “Pharmacoprofessional International Federation,” which was established in 1970 to promote the profession in the Asia-Pacific region.

The acronym stands for Pacific Pharmacoproflition International.

The organization is a registered trademark of the International Association of Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals.

The PHPT is the name for the PHPT, but the organization is part of the PCI.


PEP: Pharmaceutical Entity PEP stands for Pharmaceutical Entity.

In other words, the organization that owns a drug or drug product.

PHE stands for Pharmacoprophylaxis and PEP is the abbreviation for “pharmacopropion.”


PPP: Pharmaceutical Product Representative Organization abbreviation PPP stands for pharmaceutical product representative organization, which is an organization in the pharmacy trade that represents pharmacies in their country.

It comes from its acronym: PPP, Pharmaceutical Product Reputation Organization.

The association has its headquarters in New York City, and its members are primarily pharmacists.

In addition to its member organizations, PHP is also registered trademarks of PHP Pharmaceuticals Inc., which owns PHP.

PHP-PDP stands for PHP Pharmacy Professional Development Program, and the PHPP stands in for the acronym of

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