• October 22, 2021

How the new pharmacy is changing the way you get your medicine

The company behind the first pharmacy in Australia is about to open its doors to patients with chronic conditions.

The company’s founder, Rolf Böttcher, says it will allow the pharmacy to become a hub for healthcare providers and patients.

He says the new facility will offer more access to prescription medication and services for people with chronic illnesses.

“The more we are able to meet demand, the better,” he said.

The new facility is being built on the site of a former pharmacist’s shop on the corner of Swan Street and Swan Street.

It will have a pharmacy counter, two pharmacy shelves, a dispensing area and a reception area.

But there is no retail inside.

The pharmacy will operate as a 24-hour, 24-day-a-week pharmacy.

The pharmacy will be open from Monday to Friday and will provide 24-7 emergency service services.

Patients will have access to the same medicines they can now purchase from a pharmacist.

The new pharmacy will also offer more accessible access to prescriptions and services.

“We want to make sure that our patients have access, and that we don’t have to leave them with no option,” Mr Böntcher said.

“There’s always an option for them to go out and go to a pharmacy.”

Mr Bötcher says the pharmacy will help patients understand how their medicines are delivered and what happens when they need to be re-synthesised.

He said the new system will also be a more accessible option for people in remote communities, and those who have chronic conditions that need to travel long distances.

“You know, it’s really important for us to be able to provide the same services that we can in the community, and we’re not in the same geographical location,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“So we want to do that by bringing people into the community who may not have access or access is not the right thing to do.”

The first pharmacy is expected to open in November.

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