• November 2, 2021

Drug company says it will stop using ‘pink slime’ in all its products

Drug makers are stepping up efforts to avoid the use of a toxic chemical in some of their products, including in some dental and body-care products.

They say the move is necessary because of new science showing the substance is a neurotoxin that can be used to increase the toxicity of some of the ingredients in those products.

The Food and Drug Administration announced on Thursday it would require that all cosmetic products containing the chemical pink slime be removed from the market by the end of 2017, after a five-year phase-out period.

That means any cosmetic product containing pink slime will no longer be sold in the United States.

The FDA said it plans to make the announcement about the products in the coming days, but it has not said how long the phase-outs will last.

It has previously ordered that cosmetic products contain pink slime to prevent other toxic substances from being added to the products, which have been around for decades.

There are currently no plans to phase out the use the chemical, which was created by chemical giant DuPont in the 1950s and is widely used in consumer products and pharmaceuticals.

In January, the FDA said the agency has determined that the cosmetic use of pink slime was in violation of the law.

We’re taking action because we believe the information and data available to us at this time shows that the products contain a neurotoxic chemical that has not been approved for use in cosmetic products,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said at the time.

Pink slime has been found in at least four popular products that have been tested and found to be safe. “

The chemicals that were in use prior to 1990 are now used in some cosmetics and pharmaceutical products,” the FDA wrote in its notice.

Pink slime has been found in at least four popular products that have been tested and found to be safe.

According to the Food and Cosmetics Board of the International Academy of Cosmetic Sciences, which represents about 30,000 cosmetic companies, pink slime has never been approved by the Food Safety and Inspection Service or the FDA for cosmetic use.

Gottlieb told reporters at the press conference that he wanted the public to know that the FDA had taken action because it believes the product contains a neurotoxious chemical.

This is the first time we have ever seen a toxic substance that is approved by FDA as an ingredient in a product that is sold in a cosmetic, he said.

He added that the agency will continue to review the products to make sure that they comply with FDA standards.

For more information on the FDA’s health warning, visit the agency’s website.

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