• September 26, 2021

5 Tips to keep your pets happy at work

What are some of the best tips to keep pets happy and productive at work?

The answer could be: keep your cat in a cage and the dogs in a box, according to a new study from Cornell University.

While many pet owners may be tempted to keep their dogs in their own boxes and keep their cats in their cage, Cornell University veterinary assistant professor John Ransom suggests a more sensible approach, telling Mashable that it’s all about how you approach your animal care.

“You need to consider the whole family, not just the dog or the cat,” Ransom said.

“So for a cat, for instance, you need to think about whether they want to be in a crate or not.”

“You don’t want to have them be chained up for the entire day.”

For a cat to be happy, Ransom suggested, they need a good home environment that promotes healthy behaviors.

So what should you do with your pet?

Ransom says it’s important to have a good diet and plenty of exercise.

“It’s not the only way to do this,” he said.

“If you have a cat that needs to be fed, if you have cats that are really skinny, you should definitely have them in a home with lots of exercise.”

So should you keep your pet indoors, or keep them indoors in a big crate, depending on their health needs?

Raker agrees, saying it’s “not really a decision you have to make right now.”

“If the cat is healthy, and the diet is good, you might want to keep them in that cage, but if the cat isn’t, it’s time to try something else,” he explained.

Ransom suggests that you do a few things to keep a cat in their crate, and to keep other pets in a house or garage away from your dog and cat.

“Do some yard work, do some pet-friendly activities.

Keep the yard clean, the dogs are a bit more tolerant of the outdoors, so a bit less aggressive.”

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